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 play is our brain's favorite way of learning

 So why are Alphabeteer classes so important you ask?

Researchers confirm neural connections are ignited when children are exposed to quality early learning experiences, like Alphabeteer. Brains flourish and development is stimulated when children are given consistent opportunities to experience learning for themselves, through educational play and hands-on exploration.

However, the opposite is also true. Sedentary and passive learning experiences may slow your child’s. And overly formal experiences may be overwhelming and stifle their excitement toward learning. This can be catastrophic for emerging learners.

As a result, some children may not acquire school readiness skills, may resist or prematurely plateau in their learning process, or may not be equipped to manage the more rigorous reading, writing, math and higher level test preparation.  

Fortunately, Alphabeteer has the solution. 

The Alphabeteer Advantage

Investing in a quality educational learning program, like Alphabeteer, has proven to be the most ambitious way to profoundly influence your child’s short and long-term academic success.

Thematic Tiered Lessons 

  • Alphabeteer's curriculum reflects the best practices of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
  • Our proactive response to interventions, are aligned with the standards of Early Childhood Intervention

Research Based Lessons & Purposeful Play  

  • Alphabeteer's foundation to learning, language development and social-emotional development

Year Round Classes

  •  Kids grow throughout the year and so should their education

Fun Brain Learning

Fun Brain Learning curriculum is designed to deliver maximum learning and laughter in progressively structured classes, while providing a continuous source of highly interactive and engaging experiences.

For optimal learning and retention, our happy learners have unlimited opportunities to participate in multi-sensory/multi-modal instruction. 

See It           Hear It         Touch It      and    Do It

By engaging their visual, auditory, kinesthetic and/or tactile senses, connections in the brain are strengthened, attention span is improved, and confidence is increased.

Sign up early. Class space is limited.

The Tots We Teach

Alphabeteer celebrates all the ways kids are smart. Our child-centered, parent supported, and instructor-guided learning approach provides the best environment for all learners. Alphabeteer kids are challenged at their individual skill level and advance at their own pace.

 Typical Learners • Gifted & Talented  Special Education  ECI

 Developmentally/Cognitively Delayed  Homeschool  Learners  Military Kids

 Mom & Dad groups

"You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.~Dr. Seuss • 682-593-3953 • 800 S. Kimball Ave., Southlake, TX 76092

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